Workshop on evolutionary analysis using PAML

The MEEP Lab hosted an advanced workshop on evolutionary analysis using PAML on 20 January 2023. The workshop was held at the University of Sydney and included talks and practical sessions on testing for selection in codeml and Bayesian phylogenomic dating in mcmctree. These applications are part of the PAML software package. The workshop was followed by a research seminar by Professor Ziheng Yang FRS (R.A. Fisher Chair of Statistical Genetics at University College London) on the latest developments in the multispecies coalescent.

The workshop was delivered by Sandra Álvarez-Carretero and Ziheng Yang (University College London). Attendees included 23 researchers and students from the University of Sydney, Australian National University, Australian Museum, and Royal Botanic Gardens. The workshop was funded by a USYD-UCL Partnership Collaboration Award.