Workshop: Genomes and Biodiversity

The Genomes and Biodiversity: Research and Career Development Workshop was held on 20–22 November 2019 at the University of Sydney. A total of 50 Australasian early- to mid-career researchers (EMCRs) were selected to attend the workshop, which created a space for EMCRs and research leaders from a range of disciplines to meet and share their research. The event was held over three days and included opportunities to attend talks from leading academics, present their research to a broad audience, receive hands-on training in analysis of big data, and participate in a career development workshop.

The Genomes and Biodiversity workshop was sponsored by the Australian Academy of Science through the Theo Murphy Initiative, the University of Sydney, and the University of Copenhagen. The workshop was organised by a team of EMCRs from the Australian Museum (Jackie Nguyen), Australian National University (Dan Rosauer, David Duchene, and Xia Hua), and University of Sydney (Cara Van Der Wal, Jackie Mahar, Mang Shi, Simon Ho).

The Genomes and Biodiversity workshop was held at the University of Sydney in November 2019.