Theses from two PhD students

Two students from the MEEP lab, Martyna Molak and Luana Lins, recently completed their doctoral work. Martyna was awarded her PhD for her thesis entitled “Evolutionary Analysis of Ancient DNA Sequences”. Luana Lins recently submitted her PhD thesis on the evolution and diversity of isopod crustaceans. Both theses included chapters that had been published as journal articles

Martyna made the most of her three years at the University of Sydney, becoming president of the Postgraduate Students’ Committee and picking up several awards for her work. She ends her doctoral candidature with a total of 11 publications, including three first-authored journal articles from her PhD thesis (with a further two papers in the pipeline).

Martyna has returned to her native Warsaw to take up a postdoctoral position at the Natural History Museum.

Luana has also had a productive candidature, being a member of the Postgraduate Students’ Committee and receiving awards for her work. These included a prize for her poster at the Genetics Society of Australasia Conference last year, as well as a top-up scholarship from Science Without Borders.

Congratulations to Martyna and Luana!