Sydney Phylogenetics Workshop 2019

The Sydney Phylogenetics Workshop was held at the University of Sydney on 15–16 July 2019. The workshop was organised and hosted by the MEEP Lab, which has been running the workshop annually since 2010.

The Sydney Phylogenetics Workshop provided an introduction to phylogenetic analysis, including practical exercises based on the software MEGA and BEAST2. It was primarily aimed at research students and postdoctoral researchers

The workshop comprised a series of lectures and practical exercises. The first day covered interpreting phylogenetic trees, molecular data, sequence alignment, evolutionary models, and phylogenetic methods. The second day provided an introduction to Bayesian phylogenetic analysis and will include models and priors, molecular clocks, and estimating timescales.

The workshop was led by Simon Ho (University of Sydney) and David Duchêne (Australian National University). The teaching team also comprised members of the MEEP Lab, including Nate Lo, Cara Van Der Wal, Perry Beasley-Hall, and Kai Tea.