Solving the mystery of the Australian Museum’s moa

A fossil pelvis and vertebrae of the mysterious moa.

An undergraduate scholar hosted by the MEEP Lab, Eugene Kwok, spent six weeks investigating a mysterious moa specimen that was found hanging in a locker in the Australian Museum. Hosted by the MEEP Lab, Eugene worked in collaboration with researchers at the museum to establish the identity of the fossil moa.

Eugene was funded by a Denison Research Scholarship. The Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney offers 120 of these scholarships per year. The scholarships are awarded to promising undergraduate students, who carry out six-week projects over the summer break.

You can read about Eugene’s work on theĀ Australian Museum’s blog.

Read the scientific publication here:
The skeleton in the closet
Kwok, Nguyen (2018) Science Education News, 67: 38