Toby KovacsToby is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Simon Ho, Nate Lo, Carolyn Hogg. Kathy Belov, and Tom Gilbert (University of Copenhagen). He is working on characterising functional genomic diversity to ensure the long-term viability of koala populations.

Toby completed his Honours project in 2021 under the supervision of Nate Lo and Simon Ho. His thesis dealt with the taxonomy and evolution of Australian representatives of the cave-dwelling cockroach Nocticola. Toby completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney and was a Denison Research Scholar in the MEEP Lab.


Left: Size comparison between the cockroaches Nocticola australiensis and Macropanesthia rhinoceros. Right: Nocticola australiensis. Photographs by Yi-Kai Tea (left) and Braxton Jones (right).