Mark is a population geneticist focussing on molecular ecology, with an interest in the development and application of novel tools (such as environmental and ancient DNA) for biodiversity science.

After completing his PhD at Queensland University of Technology with Peter Mather in 2006, Mark took up a National Science Foundation postdoctoral position in Rus Hoelzel’s group at Durham University (UK), followed by an International Incoming Marie Curie Fellowship and postdoctoral research with Gary Carvalho at Bangor University (UK). He then took up a lectureship at Bangor in 2013. Upon returning to Australia the end of 2015, Mark had a career break before starting at the University of Sydney in mid-2017.

Further details can be found on Mark’s University Profile Page.


Mark has published more than 50 scientific articles, with more than 3500 citations. A list of these publications is available on Google Scholar.