Daej commenced his PhD in 2016 under the supervision of Nate Lo and Simon Ho.

In mid-2015 Daej completed his MSc by research in the MEEP Lab, under the supervision of Nate Lo. The aim of this project was to construct a comprehensive phylogeny of the Australian Nasutitermitinae, a termite subfamily that includes species known for constructing the tallest mounds on earth. Daej performed a phylogenetic analysis to investigate the origins of the Australian Nasutitermitinae and the evolution of their mound-building habits. The project was done in collaboration with Stephen Cameron (Queensland University of Technology) and Theo Evans (University of Western Australia). Daej completed his undergraduate studies (BSc in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology) at the University of Queensland in 2012.

A list of Daej’s publications can be found on Google Scholar.