Evolution Journal Club

The MEEP Lab runs the Evolution Journal Club, where we discuss recent papers on molecular evolution, molecular ecology, phylogenetics, systematics, population genetics, and macroevolution.

Meetings are held at 4 pm on the first Monday of each month.

The journal club provides opportunities for meeting researchers interested in evolution, to discuss current topics, and to share and exchange expert knowledge. We particularly encourage research students to participate in the journal club.

If you would like to receive email notifications about upcoming meetings of the journal club, please contact Simon Ho.

7 September 2021
Speciation across the Tree of Life
Hernández-Hernández et al. (2019) Biol Rev, 96: 1205–1242

The journal club was on hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3 March 2020
Bottleneck and selection in the germline and maternal age influence transmission of mitochondrial DNA in human pedigrees
Zaidi et al. (2019) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 116: 25172–25178

6 November 2019
Adaptive evolution is common in rapid evolutionary radiations
Nevado et al. (2019) Curr Biol, 20: 3081–3086

1 October 2019
Deep macroevolutionary impact of humans on New Zealand’s unique avifauna
Valente et al. (2019) Curr Biol, 29: 2563–2569

3 September 2019
Do hosts and their microbes evolve as a unit?
Madhusoodanan (2019) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 116: 14391–14394
The hologenome concept after 10 years
Rosenberg & Zilber-Rosenberg (2018) Microbiome, 6: 78

6 August 2019
Concepts of the last eukaryotic common ancestor
O’Malley et al. (2019) Nat Ecol Evol, 3: 338–344

4 June 2019
The genomic footprints of the fall and recovery of the crested ibis
Feng et al. (2019) Curr Biol, 29: 340–349

7 May 2019
Disease mortality in domesticated animals is predicted by host evolutionary relationships
Farrell & Davies (2019) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 116: 7911–7915

2 April 2019
The genomic basis of Red Queen dynamics during rapid reciprocal host–pathogen coevolution
Papkou et al. (2019) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 116: 923–928

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