Genetics Society of Australasia Conference 2014

Workshop on R led by Sebastian Duchene, with assistance from Simon Ho and Frank Jia.
Eight members of the MEEP laboratory attended the Genetics Society of Australasia Conference, held at the University of Sydney 6-11 July.

A/Prof. Simon Ho, Sebastian Duchene, Daej Arab, Frank Jia, Charles Foster, Jun Tong, and Andrew Ritchie gave talks about their research. Jun Tong received a Student Talk Prize Honourable Mention for his presentation. Sebastian Duchene and Charles Foster also presented posters.

The MEEP group led two of the workshops associated with the conference. A/Prof. Simon Ho led a workshop on phylogenetics, with assistance from Daej Arab, while Sebastian Duchene led a workshop on R, with help from A/Prof. Simon Ho and Frank Jia. Both workshops were held in the Charles Perkins Centre.

A/Prof. Nathan Lo and A/Prof. Simon Ho were members of the conference organising committee.